silloge d'antropologia criminale


These portraits are part of the “Silloge d'ant[rop]ologia criminale" collection, in which many characters are represented: from the most cruel criminals to the most brilliant personalities. The collection starts with the theories on the physiognomy of the 19th century criminal -but genius- Cesare Lombroso, and then contextualizes them in contemporaneity. In this way we’ll find in some of these portraits the hatches that point out the physiognomic characteristics corresponding to those set by the Lombroso otherwise in others there’s no presence of correspondence at all.

personal project


Pencil, rapido and crayons.

21 x 29,7 cm

Cesare Lombroso

Charles Manson

Richard Pilsen

Annarella Gonzales

Daniel Cartier

Matteo Gisella

Matt Stone & Trey Parker

Andy Kaufman